Costumes & Tuition

I will be sizing girls for jumpers and dresses (Thurs. 5pm) within the next few weeks. If you have a jumper to sell, please label it and bring it to class. I have about 25 new dancers this year who need jumpers so please take time now to return it to me.

Thurs 5pm class will be getting the new dresses. If you want to sell your jumper, please return it to me. I will give you details soon about the new dresses so you can order them. I only have a few people who participated in the fundraiser last year for the dress so everyone will order directly from the website. I may have about 4 used dresses but don’t have them yet so most of you will order new. When I round up some samples, I will help you with sizing. In the meantime, bring back your jumper and cape.

Lastly, all orders for jackets and bags are due no later than Thursday (12/08/11)
Click Here to Download the Order Form

Also, tuition for Dec. Jan and Feb is due:
$120 for Monday classes and Thurs 5pm
$160 for Thurs 6 to 7:30 and 7:30 to 9pm

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