Dates, Dresses & Tuition

Just a reminder that I need any used costumes to sell ASAP so I can size girls that need  a new one.  I will also size the new girls.

I am assuming because no Thursday night girls emailed me, you are all good with your dresses.  If you need a new dress, it needs to be ordered now or you will not get it for March.

Lastly, if you have not yet paid tuition, please bring it this week.

Reminder for Important Dates this year:

BUCKS CO PARADE:  St. Patrick’s Day parade in Levittown, Saturday MARCH 16th at 10:30am.

PHILADELPHIA PARADE:  St Patrick’s Day Parade,  SUNDAY, MARCH 10th (leaving around 10am)

AFTER PARADE PARTY:  I am planning a family party following the Philadelphia parade on March 10th at Rosebank Winery to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the dance school.  This year, with the parades on two different weekends, I would like to see all the dancers join us in Philly for the parade.  I may consider (with some opinion) getting busses from the winery to the parade and back for the parents.  (Usually it is only for the dancers).
I will be having a meeting soon to plan the after party, please let me know if  you are interested in helping.
Let me know if Wed or Thursday nights are best to meet with me.

RECITAL:  At this time, the tentative date for the recital is SUNDAY, APRIL 21st at Council Rock High School North

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