Happy New Year & Important Announcements!

Happy New Year to all:

See below for lots of info on parades, and upcoming events, costumes, etc. Please read carefully and print or save for future.

1. We WILL have classes this week, both Monday and Thursday. Please bring tuition is you have not yet paid for Jan., Feb. & March.


Saturday, March 10th at 9am (starts at St. Joseph the Worker down to Bishop Conwell Egan School about 1.5 miles)
All dancers are expected to participate in this parade. It starts at 10am and our finish time depends on our position in the line up.

PHILADELPHIA PARADE: Sunday, March 11th (all day) Leave from the dance studio on buses to the Philadelphia parade. Parents MAY NOT walk the parade with us or go on the buses. You will meet us at the end of the parade, which is around the art museum area on the Parkway. All parade details are at www.philadelphiastpatsparade.com
This event is open to all dancers but you decide whether or not your child can participate. I suggest for young beginners, they do the Bucks parade the first year and next year do Philadelphia.
I have all the teachers, adult dancers and banner carriers who help to watch the kids so I do not need chaperons.
All dancers who want to do the Philadelphia parade must participate in the Bucks parade first.

3. RECITAL: Sunday, APRIL 29th at 1pm at the Irish Center in Germantown. All dancers are expected to participate as it is our biggest event of the year.

4. Busch Gardens: Friday, JUNE 29th at 11:30am. We will be traveling to dance at Busch Gardens this June. This trip will be run a little differently than other trips in that, I have blocked rooms and you will call yourself and book what you need. I will be buying tickets at a group rate for Busch Gardens and Water Country. I will have pricing for that soon but I believe it is about $75 for BOTH parks. My goal is to buy a combo ticket for each dancer participating in the performance with the fundraiser money.

I am still putting it together but rooms are blocked at the Holiday Inn Patriot about 2 miles from Busch Gardens. They have an indoor and outdoor pool, dining area, bar and breakfast included. Rooms are discounted for us a $85 a night. They are blocked from Wed. 27th to July 1st. If you would like to stay somewhere else (timeshares, etc) let me know but you can still participate in the dancing. We will be dancing on the Italy stage in the park. Most dancers will do one dance as we only have about 20mins. This will not be open to the Monday 5pm beginner class. This trip will be contingent on getting enough dancers to perform.

There WILL be EXTRA practices that will be MANDATORY after April. I will let you know when I see who and how many dancers we have and we put the routines together.

This is just some details for you to discuss the trip but I will have a sign up for those who think they are interested based on the dates and details so far. I will have more details in weeks to come.

I will be sizing all new dancers (and those who are selling jumpers and need new ones) this week at classes. I need to have everyone fitted by next Monday so please make sure you are at class this week or next. I will take inventory of all used jumpers and then size everyone. Based on sizing, I will decide who gets used costumes. Everyone else will get a new one. The cost is $85 for the jumper and cape.

** A plain white turtleneck
** White tights and white socks
** Black headband (for warmth not style)
** Black gloves (check dollar stores for these)

DO NOT wait till March to find these things. They will have bathing suits out in the next few weeks and you will never find a pair of gloves so please look now. March can be very cold.

THURSDAY NIGHT 5pm DANCERS: I will be at class this week to explain the green dresses and ordering. Please come in about 10 minutes earlier at the END OF CLASS (5:45pm)to hear all the details. It is too hard to email everything. I am also hoping to have some dresses to help with sizing.

Starting this week at classes, I will have sign ups for the parades and Busch Gardens. Please make sure when you sign up that you are making the commitment. We base routines on the number of sign ups. We do not appreciate dancers signing up and then backing out as it is unfair to the dancers in the routine. Please check your calendar and other activities. Sign ups will be available for the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions, please email me. See you all this week.

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