Have A Great Summer!

Please have a very healthy and enjoyable summer. I look forward to seeing you all in September. If your information or email changes this summer, please let me know.

Deposits for Next Year:

I am in the process of sorting classes for the fall so please send in your deposit ($50) for next year no later than JUNE 30th. All class times are tentative until I look at final enrollment.

Change In Class Times:

The present 7:15 Monday Night class will move to Thursday at 5 to 6pm.  I think you will agree, from watching the recital, that the talent and creativity from both the dancers and the teachers is outstanding.  Orla and Kerri are very excited to work with this class as many of you started with us as beginners.

Private Dance Lessons:

Lastly, some people have asked about private lessons with Kerrilynn, as we have done in past summers.  She will be available on Monday nights from 5 to 8pm and will be making a schedule soon.  It is $25 for 45 mins with only 2 dancers per time slot.  Please email me if you are interested.
Please note that private lessons will work on technique and steps but will not move you to the next level or class.  It can be very helpful to anyone who missed a lot of classes or if the summer break causes the dancer to forget too much.
For all dancers, we encourage them to continue to practice throughout the summer, so in the Fall, we are not taking too much time re-teaching and we can move to new stuff.

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