Registration Now Open for 2015/2016 Season

The Nicholl School of Irish Dance promotes Irish culture through music and dance in Yardley, PA. The school has been open since 1993 under the direction of Samantha Nicholl Fleming. Irish step and ceili (group) dancing classes are held in Bucks County, PA in the Newtown/Yardley area and are open to children ages 6 and up. Classes are offered for both competitive and non-competitive dancers at any age level. Adult classes are also offered for ceili dancing only.

Beginner registration is now open for the 2015 through 2016 dance season. Classes begin in September! Contact us for more information regarding pricing and class times.

Recital 2014 Updates

Hi All

Please carefully read the following important announcements for the recital.

The Recital is Sunday, April 27th at 3:00pm. All dancers must be there and dressed by 2:30pm. It will finish by 5:30pm.

Attached are forms for recital tickets, flowers, and program booklet. ALL FORMS AND CHECKS MUST BE SEPARATE. Please DO NOT COMBINE CHECKS as they are going to different people to sort and order, and you run the risk of misplacing your order. I will have 3 different boxes in the dance room for each form.

RECITAL TICKETS: Attached is an order form for recital tickets. Tickets are $10 each and there is no limit on tickets. Please complete the form and return no later than April 17th so I can return tickets the last week of class before the recital. No tickets on sale at the door.

Flower Order: If you would like to order flowers to pick up at the recital for your dancer, please complete the form and return it to class no later than April 21st.

Program Booklet: attached is a form for the program booklet. Please follow directions to place an ad in the book. Also, if you know someone who owes a business, please ask them to take out an ad. Let them know, it reaches about 400 people at the recital. Page sizes and pricing are on the form.

VOLUNTEERS for Raffle Baskets: I need 2 volunteers from each class to choose a theme for your class basket. Each dancer must bring in $7 in an envelope with their name on it to give to the class volunteer who will select a basket theme and make the basket. Basket ideas can included: American girl doll, craft basket, night out basket, gift card basket, newtown basket, etc. Also, please ask businesses that you frequent to make a donation for our raffle. If anyone needs a letter, I can get you one. Let me know if you can help put together your class basket. Thanks

So in the next 2 weeks, you will bring in:
** Recital tickets
** $7 for raffle basket

** Flowers
** Program booklet

Please make sure your dancer is at class the next few weeks.

Any recital questions, please email me.

Flower Order Form
Program Booklet Ad Order Form
Recital Ticket Order Form

2013 Dance Recital

Photo Gallery










Wrapping Jane in Our Love

Local Irish Dancers Reach Out to Young Bombing Victim

More than 400 Irish dance schools, including one with students from Newtown, are participating in the effort to ‘Wrap Jane in Our Love.’

The Nicholl School of Irish Dance has joined forces with the international Irish dance world to support a young victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Jane Richards, a 7-year-old aspiring Irish dancer, lost her leg in the bombing that claimed the life of her brother, Martin, and left her mother in serious condition.

The Nicholl School of Irish Dance, which is based in Yardley and has students from throughout Bucks County including Newtown, is one of more then 400 dance schools who have stepped up to support Jane.

Read the Entire Article

Dates, Dresses & Tuition

Just a reminder that I need any used costumes to sell ASAP so I can size girls that need  a new one.  I will also size the new girls.

I am assuming because no Thursday night girls emailed me, you are all good with your dresses.  If you need a new dress, it needs to be ordered now or you will not get it for March.

Lastly, if you have not yet paid tuition, please bring it this week.

Reminder for Important Dates this year:

BUCKS CO PARADE:  St. Patrick’s Day parade in Levittown, Saturday MARCH 16th at 10:30am.

PHILADELPHIA PARADE:  St Patrick’s Day Parade,  SUNDAY, MARCH 10th (leaving around 10am)

AFTER PARADE PARTY:  I am planning a family party following the Philadelphia parade on March 10th at Rosebank Winery to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the dance school.  This year, with the parades on two different weekends, I would like to see all the dancers join us in Philly for the parade.  I may consider (with some opinion) getting busses from the winery to the parade and back for the parents.  (Usually it is only for the dancers).
I will be having a meeting soon to plan the after party, please let me know if  you are interested in helping.
Let me know if Wed or Thursday nights are best to meet with me.

RECITAL:  At this time, the tentative date for the recital is SUNDAY, APRIL 21st at Council Rock High School North

Good Luck This Weekend!

Good luck to our dancers this weekend at the Connemara Harvest Feis in Lake Harmony, PA!

On October 6th, some of our dancers will be traveling to the Split Rock Hotel in Lake Harmony, PA to compete with other dance school. They will be competing with solo steps in their Reels, Jigs and Slip Jigs. They will also be competing with traditional and choreography ceili dances. Stay tuned for the scores and pictures!

Girls, don’t forget to check out the rubric before you go!

Important Recital Information

Below is basic recital info to help you with your planning. Please watch out for emails over the next month with extra info.

RECITAL INFO: SUNDAY, APRIL 29th from 1pm to 3:30pm (girls must report by 12:15pm) at the Commodore Barry Irish Center in Germantown.

** Please plan your schedule accordingly for the the day. I will NOT honor requests for performance line up to accommodate soccer/baseball schedules. This is not possible and every dancer will have a performance in each half of the show.

** Raffle Basket: I need one parent to be in charge of putting together a raffle basket for your class. Every dance is responsible to donate towards the basket and you get to choose the theme. Parents also bring the basket to the show.

** Flowers: I will have an order form in early April to order flowers for your special dancer. Kerrilynn’s sister has a floral business and has done a great job on the flowers for the past 2 years. She will deliver the flowers to the show and you pick them up at the intermission. Please check with extended family for orders as she does not want to carry extras on the day. We do pre-orders only. I will have the order form in early April.

** Tickets: Order forms will be sent out in early April also. Tickets will be $8 each and children under 3 are free…provided they sit on parent’s lap. Seats will be assigned on a lottery drawing so plan ahead with family when ordering tickets. No tickets will be sold at the door.

** Costume change: Monday girls will wear white t-shirt under the jumper and no tights for Spring performances. They will also get capes for the jumper. I will have them in April.

2012 – Winners of the Marie C. Burns Award!!!

I hope everyone had a terrific St. Patrick’s Day!

Great job to all dancers this weekend…you were all fantastic. I hope the girls enjoyed it.
Congrats to the Adult dance group this year on winning the “Marie Burns Adult Irish Dance Award” in the Philadelphia parade this year. We are soooo excited.

We had a few girls dance at the Children’s Museum in New Hope, the Green Parrot in Newtown, and Sandy’s Beef and Ale in Oxford Valley. Unfortunately, I could not open and invitation for dancers on Saturday, or I would have 40 dancers sign up and there just was not enough room in these places. However, thank you to those who danced and we got some items for our recital raffle and money for our fundraiser.

See you all at class this week.

2012 Parade Information:

Emergency Forms:
Please download the emergency form below. This MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL DANCERS (even if you are not doing the parades). I need updated forms each year.

Click To Download the 2012 Emergency Form

Class Time Changes:
The week prior to the parades, we will have some combined classes to review the parade routine with everyone together. Please make sure you can be at class that week, as it is important for everyone to be comfortable with the routine. Here is the schedule:


Happy New Year & Important Announcements!

Happy New Year to all:

See below for lots of info on parades, and upcoming events, costumes, etc. Please read carefully and print or save for future.

1. We WILL have classes this week, both Monday and Thursday. Please bring tuition is you have not yet paid for Jan., Feb. & March.


Saturday, March 10th at 9am (starts at St. Joseph the Worker down to Bishop Conwell Egan School about 1.5 miles)
All dancers are expected to participate in this parade. It starts at 10am and our finish time depends on our position in the line up.

PHILADELPHIA PARADE: Sunday, March 11th (all day) Leave from the dance studio on buses to the Philadelphia parade. Parents MAY NOT walk the parade with us or go on the buses. You will meet us at the end of the parade, which is around the art museum area on the Parkway. All parade details are at
This event is open to all dancers but you decide whether or not your child can participate. I suggest for young beginners, they do the Bucks parade the first year and next year do Philadelphia.
I have all the teachers, adult dancers and banner carriers who help to watch the kids so I do not need chaperons.
All dancers who want to do the Philadelphia parade must participate in the Bucks parade first.

3. RECITAL: Sunday, APRIL 29th at 1pm at the Irish Center in Germantown. All dancers are expected to participate as it is our biggest event of the year.

4. Busch Gardens: Friday, JUNE 29th at 11:30am. We will be traveling to dance at Busch Gardens this June. This trip will be run a little differently than other trips in that, I have blocked rooms and you will call yourself and book what you need. I will be buying tickets at a group rate for Busch Gardens and Water Country. I will have pricing for that soon but I believe it is about $75 for BOTH parks. My goal is to buy a combo ticket for each dancer participating in the performance with the fundraiser money.

I am still putting it together but rooms are blocked at the Holiday Inn Patriot about 2 miles from Busch Gardens. They have an indoor and outdoor pool, dining area, bar and breakfast included. Rooms are discounted for us a $85 a night. They are blocked from Wed. 27th to July 1st. If you would like to stay somewhere else (timeshares, etc) let me know but you can still participate in the dancing. We will be dancing on the Italy stage in the park. Most dancers will do one dance as we only have about 20mins. This will not be open to the Monday 5pm beginner class. This trip will be contingent on getting enough dancers to perform.

There WILL be EXTRA practices that will be MANDATORY after April. I will let you know when I see who and how many dancers we have and we put the routines together.

This is just some details for you to discuss the trip but I will have a sign up for those who think they are interested based on the dates and details so far. I will have more details in weeks to come.

I will be sizing all new dancers (and those who are selling jumpers and need new ones) this week at classes. I need to have everyone fitted by next Monday so please make sure you are at class this week or next. I will take inventory of all used jumpers and then size everyone. Based on sizing, I will decide who gets used costumes. Everyone else will get a new one. The cost is $85 for the jumper and cape.

** A plain white turtleneck
** White tights and white socks
** Black headband (for warmth not style)
** Black gloves (check dollar stores for these)

DO NOT wait till March to find these things. They will have bathing suits out in the next few weeks and you will never find a pair of gloves so please look now. March can be very cold.

THURSDAY NIGHT 5pm DANCERS: I will be at class this week to explain the green dresses and ordering. Please come in about 10 minutes earlier at the END OF CLASS (5:45pm)to hear all the details. It is too hard to email everything. I am also hoping to have some dresses to help with sizing.

Starting this week at classes, I will have sign ups for the parades and Busch Gardens. Please make sure when you sign up that you are making the commitment. We base routines on the number of sign ups. We do not appreciate dancers signing up and then backing out as it is unfair to the dancers in the routine. Please check your calendar and other activities. Sign ups will be available for the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions, please email me. See you all this week.

Class Tonight & Merry Christmas!

Hi Monday Dancers —

We will have dance classes TONIGHT. Just a few reminders:

** Tuition for Dec, Jan & Feb is due ($120)

** Christmas Dance Party for Tuesday, Dec 27th. Cost is $20. Please bring money tomorrow night. We do need a minimum and I need to commit this week so please let me know tomorrow night if you can make it and how many.

** We will NOT dance next week, Dec 26th. We will return on Jan 2nd. I will have LOTS of parade, trip and costume details in the new year.

** Jackets, sweatshirts and bags are due to arrive tonight. I am hoping to sort everything and put in bags for pick up during classes. If you want it as a Christmas present, I will keep it in the house. Please see me privately and I will get it for you during class. If it arrives too late in the day, you may have to pick up during the week.

** Last call for anyone who has a jumper for sale. I would like to get sizing done and orders in for new jumpers early in Jan. Beginners: I will size and discuss with you in Jan…no worries yet.

Kerri, Amelia and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Blessed New Year. We are very excited about the girls’ progress this fall and look forward to working with them for the parades, recital and spring shows in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Dance Party!!! & Other Announcements

We are planning an Irish Dance Christmas Party/fundraiser for the dancers while they are off for Christmas break. I booked a Karaoke/DJ and will have pizza, snacks, drinks and a hayride through the light show (weather permitting). The dancers are welcome to bring other girlfriends to enjoy the night (all in attendance must be 6 years old and up).

When: Tuesday, December 27th
Time: 6:00 to 8:30pm
Where: Dance Studio
Cost: $20 per person

We have been booked to perform at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on June 29th and I will have more information on the trip after Christmas but my plan is to get the Busch Garden and Water Country tickets for each dancer who performs. This dance party fundraiser will go towards Busch Gardens.

It is a great opportunity for the girls to see each other outside of class.

I need some parent Volunteers for set up and help on the night, but parents will NOT be able to stay the night unless they are helping. I need one parent in charge of ticketing and collecting money. Please email me.

There is no order form, just put money in an envelope and mark it X-mas Dance party. I will collect money this week and next week at dance classes.

THURSDAY NIGHT DANCERS: have no class on the 22nd.

I will not be at classes tonight due to my kids’ concert at school. If you have any questions, you can email me or talk to Kerrilynn. She will collect money and take parent sign ups for volunteers.


Costumes & Tuition

I will be sizing girls for jumpers and dresses (Thurs. 5pm) within the next few weeks. If you have a jumper to sell, please label it and bring it to class. I have about 25 new dancers this year who need jumpers so please take time now to return it to me.

Thurs 5pm class will be getting the new dresses. If you want to sell your jumper, please return it to me. I will give you details soon about the new dresses so you can order them. I only have a few people who participated in the fundraiser last year for the dress so everyone will order directly from the website. I may have about 4 used dresses but don’t have them yet so most of you will order new. When I round up some samples, I will help you with sizing. In the meantime, bring back your jumper and cape.

Lastly, all orders for jackets and bags are due no later than Thursday (12/08/11)
Click Here to Download the Order Form

Also, tuition for Dec. Jan and Feb is due:
$120 for Monday classes and Thurs 5pm
$160 for Thurs 6 to 7:30 and 7:30 to 9pm

2011 Pie Fundraiser

Every year at this time we do a Thanksgiving pie fundraiser. The fundraiser money will go directly to the parade fees in March. When we do the St. Patrick’s Day parades, we need money for buses, badges, parade fees, etc..
I do not charge the dancers for their participation, but this fundraiser usually brings in enough money to cover our expenses.

Please do your best to sell the pies. We make $4 on every large pie and we have always done well selling pies.

Pies are Apple, Apple Crisp, Carmel Apple Walnut, Pumpkin, Pecan and Sweet Potato. We also have some no-sugar options. See attached paperwork (below). Large pies are $13 and small, no-sugar are $9.

Lastly, I need help to distribute the pies on Tuesday the 22nd from 6:00pm to 7:30pm and Wednesday the 23rd (need to confirm the time). Let me know if you can help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Thank you!!

Click to Print The Fundraiser Form
Click To Print The Fundraiser Flyer

Attention Monday Night Dancers!

Just a reminder to those who have not yet paid their September tuition, please bring it with you to class tonight.

Also, the new shoes just arrived today, so I will have shoes for sale tonight. If I have used shoes that fit your child, I will use them unless you prefer new shoes. Used shoes are $20 and new shoes are $40. You can pay check or cash.

Please come prepared with a check for either new or used shoes.

Please come in a few minutes early for announcements as I may need to show you how to lace the shoes. I will not have enough time to lace every pair of shoes but I will lace one of each size to properly size each dancer.

If you have any questions, please email me.

There will be class tonight!

Thursday Dancers:

We WILL have classes tonight, Sept. 29th. Please make sure you bring your tuition money tonight. Also, if you have any used shoes, bring them tonight. I am sizing all the new Monday dancers and ordering new shoes. I will not be able to sell used shoes after next week.

My phone line and internet are out of order till next week sometime (as per Verizon) but I am checking mail at the farm. If you need to call me, use my cell number not my home phone.


Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a fantastic summer!

Just a reminder that classes start next week:

– Beginner classes: Monday, September 12th
– Adult Classes: Tuesday, September 13th
– Advanced Classes: Thursday, September 15th

A few other reminders…

* If you paid a deposit in June, then your tuition for the next 3 months is as follows:

– ALL Monday classes & 5:00 Thursday Class = $70
– 6:00 & 7:30 Thursday classes = $110

* New soft shoe orders will be placed in late September

– If your shoes are too small, please bring them in a plastic bag labeled with your name and size (We will NOT accept them if they are not labeled). We have a large beginner class this year, so don’t miss your opportunity to sell your shoes!

* If anyone has a video of last year’s recital, please email Samantha to let her know. We are planning on performing at Busch Gardens again this year, and we need to submit a video.

* Thurs 7:30 class only – please check your email about Spirit in Motion.

– We will be supporting any audition ideas, so please let Samantha, Kerri or Orla know if you are interested.

See you all next week!

Have A Great Summer!

Please have a very healthy and enjoyable summer. I look forward to seeing you all in September. If your information or email changes this summer, please let me know.

Deposits for Next Year:

I am in the process of sorting classes for the fall so please send in your deposit ($50) for next year no later than JUNE 30th. All class times are tentative until I look at final enrollment.

Change In Class Times:

The present 7:15 Monday Night class will move to Thursday at 5 to 6pm.  I think you will agree, from watching the recital, that the talent and creativity from both the dancers and the teachers is outstanding.  Orla and Kerri are very excited to work with this class as many of you started with us as beginners.

Private Dance Lessons:

Lastly, some people have asked about private lessons with Kerrilynn, as we have done in past summers.  She will be available on Monday nights from 5 to 8pm and will be making a schedule soon.  It is $25 for 45 mins with only 2 dancers per time slot.  Please email me if you are interested.
Please note that private lessons will work on technique and steps but will not move you to the next level or class.  It can be very helpful to anyone who missed a lot of classes or if the summer break causes the dancer to forget too much.
For all dancers, we encourage them to continue to practice throughout the summer, so in the Fall, we are not taking too much time re-teaching and we can move to new stuff.