Policies & Procedures

Learn about our studio’s policies & procedures

In order to maintain a safe and fun atmosphere for all dancers, please be sure to review our dance school’s policies.

Arrival & Dismissal

  • Dancer drop-off and pick-up in front of studio. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your class.
  • Parents are not permitted to stay in the studio while classes are in session.
  • When exiting drive around the barn no u-turns

Inside the Studio

  • Dancers are asked to please use the bathroom prior to class starting.
  • Dancers should bring their own water. We do not have a water fountain or sell water.
  • NO FOOD is permitted inside the studio unless cleared by Amelia or Kerrilynn.
  • Please leave all toys and other personal belongings at home.
  • Cell phones must be silenced and in the dancer’s bag for the entirety of class.


  • Dancers are expected to be in class each week.
  • Please notify Amelia or Kerrilynn prior to class if your dancer will be absent or late.
  • Dancers absent from class are responsible for learning any missed material.
  • If absences/tardiness become excessive dancers may lose participation time in performances.
  • If your dancer is sick/did not attend school please keep them home from class.
  • Dancers should be 24-hours free of fever before returning to class.

Dress Code/Costumes

  • In class all dancers are asked to adhere to the Dress Code (https://nichollirishdancers.com/classes)
  • Any dancer that is without dance shoes and/or improperly dressed for class will be asked to sit out/call a parent.
  • Dancers in black skirts are responsible for purchasing a black skirt, a black leotard and a school belt. Please see Amelia and Kerrilynn for more details.
  • Dancers in green dresses are responsible for purchasing (either new or used) and keeping their own costumes year to year.
  • A shoe & costume sizing event will take place at the start of each dance season. Dancers not able to attend will be responsible for purchasing their own dance shoes.

Performance Commitments

Please understand that a lot of time and hard work goes into choreographing routines for performances. The choreography for each performance is customized and tailored based on the dancers that sign up to dance. The choreography is done well in advance of the first practice. We do not take lightly to dancers backing out of a commitment at the last minute. Please review our expectations below:

  • Dancers who sign up for a performance are expected to uphold their commitment and attend all practices for that performance as well as the performance itself.
  • We understand that there are times when a dancer may have to back out of a commitment. In this case, please give Amelia or Kerrilynn at least 2 weeks notice. This will give the teachers and dancers time to make the necessary changes to choreography.
  • Should a dancer not uphold their commitment prior to the 2-week rule stated above, they will be subject to a suspension from the next scheduled performance and will not be asked to participate.