Unfortunately, due to COVD-19 and restrictions on indoor gatherings, we will not be hosting our annual feis this year. Please check back with us again in 2021!

Feis Information

Solo Dance Speeds

Please refer to the list below for the speeds that will be played for each level during the competitions.

Tír na Nóg & Beginner: Reel (124), Light Jig (116), Single Jig (124), Slip Jig (124), Traditional Treble Jig — One Step Only (92)

  • All dancers will be counted in

Intermediate: Reel (113), Light Jig (116), Single Jig (124), Slip Jig (113), Traditional Treble Jig (92), Traditional Hornpipe (138), St. Patrick’s Day Set Dance (94)

  • Dancers will be counted in up to age 10

Novice: Reel (113), Slip Jig (113), Single Jig (124), Slow Speed Treble Jig (73), Slow Speed Hornpipe (113), Blackbird Traditional Set Dance (144)

Prizewinner: Reel (113), Slip Jig (113), Slow Speed Treble Jig (73), Slow Speed Hornpipe (113), Job of Journeywork Traditional Set Dance (138)

Champion: Reel (113), Slip Jig (113), Slow Speed Treble Jig (73), Slow Speed Hornpipe (113), Garden of Daisies Traditional Set Dance (138),

  • Champion Event
    • Reel (113)
    • Hornpipe (113) or Treble Jig (73)
    • Non-Trad Set of Contrasting Tempo

Other Information

  • Each registration comes with 2 wrist bands. Entry fee for each additional spectator over 10 yrs. old will be $5 at the door.
  • Check-in, awards and food in the smaller ballroom.
  • Dancers will be placed in age groups based on the age they are on November 24, 2019
  • All dancing will take place in the main ballroom on 2 stages by level (example: beginner U8 and U12 on each stage) for the beginner, intermediate and Ceili competitions.
  • Novice, Prizewinner and Champ will run slower with only one stage and one judge
  • All levels will start with soft shoe dances and then return to do hard shoe dances.
  • There will NOT be an 8 bar wait in between each dance.
  • All awards will be posted in the smaller ballroom, and awards picked up at the trophy table once all dances for that level have been completed.
  • Dancers are expected to be ready to dance when their competition is called.
  • Dancers may leave once they have completed all their solo and Ceili dances.
  • This is an RTN sanctioned event, and we abide by all RTN rules


Things to do nearby

Venue Information

Rosebank Winery offers wine tasting, open to the public, from 11am – 5pm in the winery’s main building.
** You must be 21 years or older to taste or buy wine


Any questions you have regarding the competition should be sent to nicholldancers@gmail.com.